Hofstra Student Recants Rape Story

An eighteen-year-old Hofstra undergrad is recanting the report she gave to Long Island police about being gang-raped by five different men inside a campus dorm on September 13th. The story immediately made national headlines and raised concerns on campuses across the country regarding student safety measures.

According to the New York Post, a law enforcement source is now confirming that the alleged victim (who claimed one of the men took her cell phone at a fraternity party, forcing her to follow him back to the dorms where he and his four friends assaulted her, tied her up, and repeatedly raped her) has admitted to authorities that the story was not true.

“She admitted it was consenual and the district attorney is dismissing the charges and releasing the suspects,” says the source.

Four of the five suspects (who were caught after copies of their I.D. were turned in to police by dorm security) were being held on first-degree rape charges. Each one was facing a 25 year prison sentence.

It remains to be seen if the “victim” will now be the one charged with the crime of filing a false police report.

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