Holiday Checklist: Prepping for Winter Break


We know, it’s SO exciting to be getting ready to get away for the holidays; but proper preparation for break is important. With thse planning strategies, it’ll be all play, no work from now ’til January!

1. Secure your space: If you live in the residence hall or apartment, make a checklist of what needs done before you leave, like bring all valuable belongings home with you over the break. Clean up, unplug, and lock up to keep your space safe and sanitary until your back at school.

2. Pack smart: Be sure to make sure you are packing clothes suitable for a few weeks of time and occasion, your extra holiday party dresses may be a fab back up option, but extra jackets, sweaters, leggings or the like should always come first.

3. Watch for travel delays: With holiday travel and winter weather, travel delays are quite common this time of year. Check flight statuses a few times if you’re planning on traveling the skies this season; if you’re taking a bus or train, definitely do this same if the weather seems worrisome.

4. Know your itinerary: The holiday season can lead to intense schedules. Make sure to know exactly where you need to be and when. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the places you need to go to avoid added stress to your plans.

5. Don’t forget to make time for you: Part of the magic of holiday break is your escape to sanity for the few weeks of time you have. Make sure you leave time to recuperate between your seasonal social activities.

Happy Holidays, Chicsters– the winter season is upon us!

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