Our College Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff for Your Roommate Under $25.00

You love her, you hate her, and you completely depend on her to pick up toilet paper (when you forget)  and help you with your chemistry homework. Buying anything for your roomie can be tricky since it means shopping now instead of later (as in after you get that phat Christmas check from grandma), so with that in mind, we've come up with some quick and easy gift ideas under $25.00:


Tokyo Milk Petit Perfume Solid ($22.00; FredFlare.com) A big-time favorite of ours, Tokyo Milk has this way of creating amazing scents that smell great and last all day. These perfume solids are travel-friendly AND they do away with that icky floral scent cloud you have to gag your way through just to go pee in the morning.

Solid Suede Trimmed Fingerless Gloves ($18.00; UrbanOutfitters.com) Roomie a texting fiend? Keep her fingers from getting frost-bitten with these cool gloves from one of our fave stores.

Gemstone Noise Isolating Earbuds ($15.80; Forever 21) Pretty AND practical? Who wouldn't love a pair of earbuds that cut out background noise so you can jam away without any distractions!

Stila Lip Glaze Set ($25.00; Sephora) Do you have a beauty addict on your hands? Feed her fix with this great gift set that includes EIGHT different glosses. (Then feel free to brag that it's valued at $120.00!)

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