Our College Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff for Your Mutt and Kitty Under $25.00

Yay! You're home, you're probably sleeping in today, and if you're lucky your Christmas shopping is done…well almost. Getting something for your pup or family cat may not be a huge priority, but it's still fun to watch them get all excited and tear apart their presents on Christmas day (we can't wait to see what our kitty thinks of this awesome tipi we got him from Mod Cloth!). Looking for something out of the ordinary but still fun? Check out these cheap suggestions:

Toys: Playing with our pets is a great way to keep them happy and stimulated, and what better way to do that than with cute toys that keep them active and involved? I love these adorable homemade cat nip fortune cookies from Etsy.com ($9.99), but I think this flashing firefly mat ($21.99) is just as fun. Shopping for man's best friend? Kyjen's Hide-a-Toy Gingerbread House ($13.10) is a problem-solving tool that teaches dogs how to find their toys, while this Flashlight Discuit ($15.99) allows you and your best bud to get your Frisbee on even when the sun goes down.

Treats: We say skip the typical holiday stuff and go with some great organic treats they'll REALLY love. If you're near NYC, check out our friend at Get Lick'd who pride themselves on making feel-good treats for pups from scratch.  Not in the vicinity? No worries! Robbie Dawg delivers yummy organic goodies for kitties AND doggies – check out their fun holiday flavors like Cranberry Crunch and Pumpkin Spice.

Sure, spending a little extra might put a crimp in your holiday festivities, but try to remember all the kisses, cold noses, and purr-fect wake-up calls you get the other 364 days of the year.

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