Hot Topic Thursday: Kramer, What Happened?

For years people grew to love the character of Kramer on the hit NBC sitcom, Seinfeld, with his ridiculous, over the top antics. Bursting in through the door, always looking perplexed, cooking his shirts in a pizza over, his obsession with the Kenny chicken… the list goes on.

But alas, Kramer committed career suicide this past week when he exploded on stage during a stand up show, blasting racial slurs through out the room, upsetting the audience and Seinfeld fans around the world.

Since then he’s appeared on several talk shows, one along with Jerry Seinfeld, and had the support of many fellow celebrities, including Mel Gibson, who also has come under attack for bigotry and racism.

Should we give Kramer another chance? You decide.

The video from the club (not at all work friendly).

The apology with Jerry Seinfeld.

Tell us what you think.

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