Hot Topic Thursday: Pelosi Visits Saudi Arabia

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is currently overseas visiting Saudi Arabia, putting her American two cents on peace initiatives, etc. From what I’ve read, she’s been holding her own over there, representing a powerful female political figure in a community where women aren’t allowed to hold office.

The fact that female politicians are just beginning to make major waves even on home soil, where we are supposedly so “liberal” makes me wonder what’s been holding us back? Is it the authority thing that women are not genetically inclined too (that’s a bold opinion on my part)? Or is it masses of doubts from the distant past?

Either way, times are definitely changing and I’m hoping that an American female icon like Nancy Pelosi can not only change views in the Middle East, but right here at home too.

Read the Yahoo Article on Pelosi’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

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