How 15-year old Fashion Designer Created Her First Collection

This interview is a part of our Live Your Dreams Stars series where we feature awesome young women who are changing the world one amazing dream at a time. LYD!

Have you had the same dream since you were a little girl? Some of us know from a young age exactly what we want to do with our life. That is the case for our LYD Star today, Molly O’Brien. Molly is a high school student and fashion designer. At 15, she has already launched her first line. Amazing, right?

Her fearless approach to go after her dreams is inspiring to women of all ages. Check out her insights below.

Molly O'Briens

1) As a high school student, how did you know that you wanted to get involved with the fashion industry? Did you have a mentor?

I have been drawn to fashion since I was a little kid. Throughout my elementary and middle school years, I learned the basic aspects of sewing. Then a year ago, I attended a fashion camp in Omaha at Develop Model Management and it opened my eyes to all the opportunities in the fashion world. It taught me that with creativity, passion, and hard work, creating my own brand was possible. I had many people that helped me work towards my goal of seeing my designs on the runway in Omaha and Kansas City fashion week. My greatest mentor was my sewing teacher, Ms. Glesne. Whenever I had a question about how to evolve my sketch into a garment she would eagerly help me.  Also Kate Walz, a designer in Omaha, gave me a lot of tips and inspiration about creating a collection and helped me along the way. I think seeing her following her passion at such a young age gave me inspiration to follow my own dream and that’s what I hope to do for others.

2) How do you keep yourself motivated towards chasing your dreams and looking past any negativity?

Fashion is all about your personal preference and not everybody has the same style, but that’s what’s makes fashion so captivating. Whenever I receive negativity I try to interpret it as constructive criticism. But, what keeps me pushing towards my dreams is all the positive feedback I receive.

3) I am inspired by you that you not only found an industry that sparks your interest, but you are having great success while only being in high school. What advice do you have for girls?

Don’t wait for opportunities… make them happen. Honestly, the best piece of advice I have ever received that I would share with others girls, is you are never too young to work towards your dreams. Especially in the fashion industry where the competition is tough. The younger you start the more time you have to gain experience and brand visibility.  Dive in headfirst! Seriously, if you find what you are passionate about at a young age, gain as much knowledge and experience as possible and reach out to others that have been successful in the field…. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

4) I read that your first Fall/Winter 2015 collection debuted this past March at Omaha Fashion Week! Did the launch of your first collection motivate you for even bigger dreams? ​

Launching my Fall/ Winter 2015 collection was an absolute dream. It’s such an honor to see people complement and appreciate my creations. I put 6 months of hard work into my collection and the show lasts less than 10 minutes, but it’s all worth it! The feeling of seeing my first dress walking out onto the bright runway was so amazing and right then I knew this was my passion. Launching my first collection was huge motivation to work even harder to achieve greater goals in the fashion industry. I am already planning my next collection. My dream is to be involved in other fashion weeks (like New York), have my line sold in stores, attend design school for college, and someday open up my own boutique. For me each time I come closer to achieving my goals, its makes me even more motivated to reach higher. The possibilities are endless.
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