How Do You Like Them Apels?: The TSA at the Super Bowl

If you are at the Super Bowl on Sunday and your team is playing badly, don’t scowl, because the TSA is watching you.

According to CNN, the Transportation Security Administration has designated several groups of agents to watch fans at the game and look out for suspicious or unusual body language.

These agents are supposed to approach anyone who looks “dangerous” and question them.

Ummm… does anyone else besides me think this reeks of 1984?

For those of you haven’t read this novel, the plot focuses on how the government and its leader, Big Brother, attempt to censor the populous of the fictitious country Oceania’s behavior and thoughts. One of the crimes the public is punished for is facecrime (making an abnormal facial expression).

Pretty scary similarities, if you ask me.

Since when does the government have control over our body language? I haven’t read that in the Constitution.

I can somewhat see why the government thinks this could be a somewhat effective way of protecting the public, but the strategy has so many flaws.

Firstly, if a terrorist is seriously going to blow up the stadium, do you think he or she is really going to show it in their face? So many people never show what they are thinking in their face or body language.

Not to mention, racial and gender discrimination is going to get out of hand. Do you really think that the TSA will approach a white woman even if she looks suspicious? Doubt it.

Plus, there are going to be so many drunk people at this game. It’s a FOOTBALL game. The Super Bowl without beer is like peanut butter without jelly. Do you think drunk people are going to act maybe unusual or strange? Duh, of course they are.

If this method actually works, I’ll be surprised.

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