How Many "Top Friends" Do You Have?

 I'm not sure if any of you have noticed the Top Friends application on Facebook. Basically, it's an application that lets you put the name and a small thumbnail of your favorite friends on your Facebook profile. Yes, there are some ridiculous applications out there, but this one is so widespread, I thought a blog would be necessary.

This Top Friends application is only asking for hurt feelings or ridicule. Sure, if you have a handful of favorite friends the application seems reasonable. But think of it as inviting people from your old high school to a huge, blowout party. There are people you are very close friends with, but there are also those classmates who were pretty good, but not the best of friends. And then there are those who would simply be offended if you didn't invite them to your party. Who to invite? Who not to invite? Say you invite Sally. Sally is good friends with Lindsey, but you're only so-so friends with Lindsey. Lindsey will probably not be so happy when she hears Sally gets to go to your party but she wasn't invited.

Long story short, it seems ridiculous to have 50 people on your Top Friends list, because that really doesn't seem like those people are really your best friends. But you can't offend anyone by not putting them on the list. Easy solution: don't use the application if you have too many friends and it just looks silly when you have too little.

Image courtesy of Face Reviews.

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