How to Survive Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment brings out many emotions in a woman—most likely, you will feel euphoria, sadness, confusion, and excitement—all at the same time. The sorority women are just as nervous as you are, and will feel many of these same emotions. The sorority world can be intimidating, but with some preparation, you can have a great recruitment experience.

 1. Be open and honest with your recruitment counselor. Your recruitment counselor is a disaffiliated sorority member who wants to help you. Don’t try to find out what sorority she is in because it could prevent you from being honest with her. Also, try not to talk to your friends about the sororities you liked or disliked. Each woman should make her own decision and should not be pressured by friends.

2. Plan your outfits ahead of time. Your recruitment counselor should give you a list of proper clothing for each day. Plan your outfits ahead of time so that you are not stressed out in the morning. Also, don’t think you need to buy a brand-new wardrobe! The sororities care very little about your dress. They want women who are presentable and confident, not fashion queens. They will remember your dashing personality much more than your 6-inch heels (which are risky anyway, because who can smile and have fun with throbbing feet? Not me!)

3. Know the honest answer to these questions:

Why do you want to join a sorority? Be honest—if you have no idea why you want to join a sorority, say so. Then, you can ask the sorority members about their personal experiences. If your family has been part of Greek life, say so. It shows they will support your decision to join an organization.

What did you do in college/high school? If you haven’t gotten involved in many college activities, just say you wanted to focus on academics for the first semester. Focus on your high school involvement instead. You shouldn’t feel like you are applying for a job, but you want to be a potential asset to the sorority.

What do you like about your school? Sororities want to know that you enjoy your institution. Greek life works hard to maintain positive relationships within the university, as well as with each other.

4. Know what questions you want to ask (and what not to ask).

What to ask:

-Tell me about your philanthropy (foundation they raise money for–see below).

-What do you like about your sorority?

-How much of a time commitment is new member period/the rest of college life?

-What other events do you host? (Social, Sisterhood, Homecoming, Greek Week, etc.)

-Ask about the house/living facility that the sorority may have. In certain sororities, you are expected to live in the sorority’s house (but this varies, so ask!)

What not to ask:

Quite simply, no boys or booze. Don’t ask any questions about fraternities or the bar.

5. Keep a journal. Especially at big schools, the sororities can all blend together. Write down your thoughts after each house or at the end of each day so that you can decide by the end of the week which sorority you liked the best overall. Don’t base your decision on one woman in the sorority. A journal will help you remember the good and the bad of each organization.


Common sorority vocabulary

Recruitment: the newly accepted word for “rush.”

Women: Throughout the article, you may have noticed I used “woman” instead of “girl.” Most college-age women are over 18, so they should be treated with respect and called women, not girls.

New member period: pledging, minus the hazing.

Philanthropy: the foundation or cause that the organization raises money and volunteers for. Community service is not restricted to their cause, but it can be a big part of their activities.

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