How to Beat the Job Search Blues (On the Cheap!)

job_searchCollege is supposed to be the best time of our lives, right? But the number one complaint out of all students lips is how much it costs. Registration, books, and living fees all add up, but we still have to find a little bit of room for fun too. If we lived in a big-time motion picture, this really wouldn’t be an issue. We could go out and buy the hottest new outfits (with some random credit card we pulled out of are wallet which no one actually has to pay off) and attend all of the biggest events on campus. We could rush the top sororities and not ever worry about spending a dime. This all sounds great, but it is far from reality. The fact is, when it comes to beating the job search blues, the only person who can win the battle for you, is you. Don’t give up yet… these cheap and easy job hunting tips will cheer anyone up, and get you back in your A game in no time.

Step 1: The first step to success is motiving yourself. Before you set out to achieve what feels like the impossible (yes! I know it’s hard out there!), you need to come up with some goals that you know you are capable of achieving, like applying to X number of jobs this week, going to some party to make contacts, spending a few hours in your careers services office, etc.. Also, try to focus on each week at a time, rather than the bigger picture. So what if you didn’t land something this week? The fact that you sent out over 20 resumes, got a call back on a potential internship, and managed to find a contact at your dream job DOES count for something.Step

Step 2: Remember not to be picky. You know that old annoying phrase, “Beggars can’t be choosers”? It sound obnoxious, but in this case it’s true! Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. It at all possible, search for a great internship that will provide you with a little bit of spending money while giving you experience in the field you are entering when you graduate. Internships are always a win-win situation — even when the pay isn’t that great or you’re looking for something long-term. Remember, it’s not what you know – it’s WHO you know, and making contacts is definitely key.

Step 3: Take time out to do things that you enjoy. If you focus too much on searching for a job, you may just get burnt out before you know it. Remember to keep up with exercising, because physical fitness relieves stress and actually gives your body endorphins that keep you happy. Don’t have money for a gym pass? Look for a schedule of free fitness classes that may be offered in your school’s gym. Also, you can always go outside and take a walk. Ask some friends to go with you too, that way you can catch up on the latest gossip while doing something to make yourself feel better.

Number 1 Rule: Don’t let stress and anxiety overwhelm you. As long as you’re invested in searching for a job, you’ll eventually be rewarded for your efforts.

–By Kelly leslie, San Francisco State University

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