I Hope the Easter Bunny Brings Me a Tanning Bed….

*Well, I’ve officially grown up.* Today I am celebrating Easter without the slightest hint of Easter Bunny fun. No hideously multi-colored basket with neon green grass, no hidden eggs, no chocolate rabbit. I was in Target yesterday with my friend, helping her shop for her little cousin _(who will be visited by the Easter Bunny)_ and we were looking at the *Bratz* section.

*If you don’t know what Bratz are*, think of the most annoying looking doll possible, and then picture her wearing huge chandelier earrings, a hot pink feather boa and a rhinestone-studded denim jacket. Now I remember hearing about these dolls a few years back, .little did I know it had turned into an empire, the likes of which we have not seen since My Little Pony. There are different costumes, different accessories, little sisters _(Bratz Babyz)_, accessories for your little sisters, pets and accessories for your little sister’s pets. The amount of glitter and sparkle in that aisle is enough to make you go blind.

*My friend and I are searching through the chaos that is the “Bratz Aisle”* and we’re trying to find a suitable gift for a 5-year-old. How about “Back To School” Bratz? Well, only if her school is a brothel. We finally found a Bratz pet bunny rabbit, perfect for Easter. I was almost out of the Bratz aisle when I saw it. *A Bratz Babyz and her very own tanning bed*. My friend looked on with shock and horror as I picked up the little yellow plastic tanning bed and inspected it’s tiny stick-on UV rays. We both agreed. *Too far Bratz, .too far.* Hoppy Easter Everyone!

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