iPhone App: Rock Band Mobile

75,000. That’s the number of apps Apple claims are available to iPhone and iPod touch users in their newest commercials. That, my friends, is a lot of organizing, planning and playing!! This new app, from an EW review and Perez Hilton report, seems like an excellent addition to their already ample supply of applications.

Rock Band for the iPhone will enable users to “tap” the screen to operate guitar, bass, drum and vocal parts. According to EW.com, there are 20 core songs, which include the likes of AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Blink-182.

This will definitely be the saving grace of commuters, students and iPhone fanatics everywhere– just in time for midterms!

So Chic-sters, rock out this week and leave comments here!!

I plan to purchase this app (provided it’s under 10.00) and if I do I will review it at the end of the week– or at least update as to why I’m not reviewing it!

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