Is An Ivy League Diploma Worth The Tuition?

When I was growing up, the widely accepted rule was something like, if you can get into Harvard, you should go because a Harvard diploma will get you a higher starting salary. But is that true anymore? Was that ever true?

An in-depth feature article posted on MSN today explores that topic and compares tuitions between schools and starting salaries in different occupations based on where you obtain your undergrad degree. Interesting stuff.

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Fashion Blog: Grumpy Girl Is Cool

Since I came really close to buying a friend a $60 dollar T-shirt for their birthday this year, I had to laugh when I saw these tanks online. They’re a reasonable $28 _(very resonable compared to $60)_ and the company even says, _”Because we think there is something just slightly criminal about a $70 t-shirt.”_ Gotta love that.

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