Jatiah, 17 – FUNDED

Jatiah - 1000 Dreams

Jatiah - 1000 Dreams

My dream is to win the Pritzker Prize in Architecture.

My Story:

I’ve wanted to go into architecture for as long as I can remember. My ultimate goal is to make an impact designing buildings for cultures unlike my own.

My Inspiration:

I knew I wanted to go into architecture in 8th grade after taking an Intro to Technology course in which we explored engineering and how it relates to architecture. I’ve wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking country since I was a high school freshman. I fell in love with learning other languages like Spanish and the culture of those that speak it.

Challenges I Face:

It’s always difficult to travel the world, primarily because of how expensive it can be to travel to and live in another country. I think lack of money will be the biggest hindrance in being able to live abroad. Additionally, it will be an extra challenge to earn certification to practice architecture in places that have different building standards than those in the U.S.

If I get funded I will:

$1000 would be instrumental in starting my dream of studying and building around the world. There are amazing opportunities in college to study abroad, but it is also another expense to add to the many expenses that go into paying for a college education.

My quote of inspiration for others:

If I could change one thing about the world, it would be for humans to be more understanding and accepting of others’ differences. Everyone is unique in some way and life would be easier for everyone if others’ uniqueness was safe from people’s criticism.

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