Karina, 22 – FUNDED

Karina -1000 Dreams

Karina -1000 Dreams

My dream is to run for public office – and win.

How the 1000 Dreams Fund helped me:

I used my #1000Dreams grant to pay for my law school course books for spring and summer classes.

The course books are essential to class. And they are expensive. Having a fund directly for books helps me organize my finances a bit better. And, because of this grant, I was able to take out a smaller student loan. Student loans are something I think about often. I don’t want my student loans to determine the job I get out of law school. Instead of working for a salary at a large firm to pay back students loans, I want to have the freedom to take a job I truly enjoy.

In coming semesters I will also need an internship. Most of the internships are unpaid. And in order to follow my dream and make a difference in politics, I am going to have to take an unpaid internship.

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My Story:

In the fall, I will be heading off to law school at the University of Kansas. Although I’m not one hundred percent sure where I will end up after three years of law school, I am sure that I would love to do something involving politics.

My  Inspiration:

Many kids grow up wanting to be the president of the United States, I guess I just never grew out of that dream. I’m not sure when the dream started for me, but I do remember writing a letter to President Bush in the fifth grade and getting a response and a signed picture back. To a nine year old that response inspired a lifelong interest in politics and a desire to make a difference in the world.

Challenges I Face:

Trying to have a positive impact on the world is a large task, and for me making it an achievable goal is the biggest challenge I face. My hope is that the next three years of law school will help me to find a niche and figure out a way to make a difference, whether it be big or small.

My quote of inspiration for others:

“If I could change one thing in the world, I would change the priorities of those in charge. Instead of emphasizing issues that will gain them political points, I would have politicians focus on important issues that will have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

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