Kathryn, 18 – FUNDED

Kathryn - 1000 Dreams

Kathryn - 1000 Dreams

My dream is to help people with developmental disabilities.

How the 1000 Dreams Fund helped me:

The 1000 Dreams  grant would take a large weight off of my shoulders. It helped me pay for textbooks. So I can continue to save for a service trip to Kenya to work with students there in an internally displaced community.

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My Story: 

I am at KU so that I can get my degree in social welfare and spend the rest of my life working to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

My Inspiration:

At my high school there was a class the integrated special education and general education students and we worked together to create service projects. Working with that population is the most fun and rewarding experience I have ever had. But in that time I saw the challenges THEY face. I want to be able to help those students overcome their challenges.

Challenges I Face:  

I am a first generation student with few funds. Paying for it myself is overwhelming. Textbooks, tuition and living expenses are extremely expensive. I am going to be taking out a lot of loans and going into a not so profitable career path.


My quote of inspiration for others:

If things don’t work out exactly how you plan, just wait, because they might end up being even better than you can imagine.

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