kgb Offers Part-Time Telecommuting Gigs For College Students

Sick of sending out your resume? Over unpaid internships? Online information giant kgb is looking for college students that are know-it-alls and don’t mind working in their pajamas.

According to a recent Reuters article, the company’s 542542 text answer service (you’ve probably seen the commericals on TV) is recruiting “kgb Special Agents” to answer the millions of questions coming in daily. Forget a desk job — this gig is all about setting your own hours and basically funneling through the random inquiries sent via text.

“For some, kgb is a fun alternative to other part-time work because [college students] can do it from anywhere, whenever they feel like logging on to the computer, explains Bruce Stewart, CEO of Mobile and Digital at kgb. “For others, there is an element of competition as kgb Special Agents compete with other agents to gain the most expertise in categories from sports to entertainment. We know that the common denominator, however, is often the fact that kgb Special Agents seem to really enjoy providing quick, accurate answers to our customers.”

If you’re interested in picking up some extra cash, the company recommends that you go to their site and complete a kgb Special Agent Challege. If you pass, you’ll be given specialized training on how to source quick answers to all the complex and random questions they receive via text.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty good gig and a great way to bone up on your trivia the next time it’s game night, or you’re tempted to try out for College Jeopardy.

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