Ladies: Don’t Make These Date Outfit Mistakes!


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Guest Post by Jennifer Kelton

Dating is an art, and the fashion choices you make to meet a potential mate says a lot about your personal style – or lack thereof.

Surprisingly, many women don’t even know that they’re making date outfit mistakes. That’s why Jennifer Kelton, CEO/Founder and Lead Stylist for Dress For The Date has put together the following list of common fashion offenses to ensure you don’t repel your next date with the wrong fashion choices.


A mutant fashion idea that works well for the grocery store, jeggings have none of the cool factor of jeans and all the cat-lady frumpiness of leggings. This brings me to another noteworthy point: Leggings are NOT pants. Ever. Just don’t do it.

Too Much Skin

Reveal too much to your date too soon and you risk devaluing the assets you have to offer. Instead, choose to highlight one sexy area like your legs, back or chest – and leave the rest to his imagination.


Nothing says “I couldn’t care less” like a ponytail on a date. Are you going to exercise or eat dinner? You don’t have to spend hours on your hair, but at least show some effort by adding a few loose waves to your ‘do.

Stupid Shoes

Sky-high platform heels may make your legs look incredible, but if you can’t walk in them correctly, you’ll just look silly. Match your footwear to your date and choose sexy heels that will go the distance if he asks you for a post-dessert walk.

High-Waisted Pants

Just because they’re super trendy doesn’t mean they’re sexy. Unless you’re built like a supermodel, this style is unflattering and reminiscent of “mom” jeans.

Ankle Boots

Another hip look for statuesque women, ankle boots cut you off visually at the ankle. This make you appear shorter and fatter, something no woman craves. Instead, choose knee-high boots or slinky (but comfortable) heels to lengthen your frame.


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