Lady Gaga: Coming to a Comic Books Store Near You

Lady Gaga might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but she does have the power to inspire comic book writers to put her life story to ink.

The 23-year-old singer is just the latest celebrity to join the ranks of Bluewater Productions Fame series.

Fame gives us the ability to tell more interesting stories about a wider variety of notable personalities,” Bluewater president Darren G. Davis explained in a recent statement. “Conversely, it allows us to focus the scope of our other biography titles to more socially and political important figures.”

Bluewater, who recently experienced their own “fame monster” thanks to the success of comic book biographies on A-Listers like First Lady Michelle Obama and Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer, plan to launch release the singer’s book in May.

“Over the past year we saw an opportunity to broaden the scope of who reads comics,” Davis said. “There were many who had never picked up a graphic novel or comic book but buy our biography titles like Female Force and Political Power. Fame is the natural extension of that trend.”

The company has also announced plans to include stars like Robert Pattinson, Taylor Swift, and 50 Cent in future issues.


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