Lady Gaga Breaks Facebook Record

Coming fast on the heels of her record-breaking one billion views on YouTube, Lady Gaga is once again proving she is THE social media powerhouse. The singer has become the first major celebrity on Facebook to hit ten million fans.

Gaga made a special video to thank all her "little monsters," noting that because of them, her North America tour was completely sold out and she couldn't have done it without them.

While some older stars like Prince are declaring that the internet "is over," and are refusing to share their content on YouTube OR interact with their fans on Facebook or Twitter, it seems more like sour grapes and a frustration over emerging technology.

Fame may be a monster, but it's obvious which stars arent's afraid to enter into the belly of the digital beast if it means record sales, tons of exposure, and and a loyal fanbase that follows them from Facebook all the way to some $135 a seat venue.


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