The Last Word: The Key to Dieting AND Having a Good Time!

Women in New York City–and every other Urban area–often find it hard to balance the things they need to do with the things they want to do. This often includes balancing work and personal lives, as well as healthy eating and the desire (or more often than not the need) to eat out and enjoy the atmosphere the city has to offer. Recently, two women set out to help women like us balance their diets, their social calendars and most importantly learn to feel good about everything they do. These two women, one a nutritionist and the other an Urban “Chic,” worked together to create Urban Skinny: Live the Fabulous Life––Still Zip Up Your Favorite Jeans, the ultimate diet book and life guide for all of us living on today’s hectic schedule.

Urban Skinny is a great concept because it doesn’t make dieting a laborious process, instead it turns it into a lifestyle. Dieting is something you do part of the year (or let’s be honest, part of the WEEK!) but a lifestyle change is something you will do, well, forever. I want to be healthy; I want to flaunt my Reebok-inspired booty all over the beach, boardwalk and quad and what’s the best way to do that? Stay on task!! Exercise alone, however, will not reduce the cravings for Magnolia Bakery’s red velvet cupcakes nor will it quench my thirst for a margarita every now and again. So what did I need to find? A new way to think about Magnolia’s and Margarita’s that didn’t have me rushing to the gym or starving myself for days later; I needed URBANSKINNY.

To be quite honest, I picked up the book because the girl was sassy, the cover was manhattan and it was Pink. Could it be more tailored to me? I think not. I was then inspired to look for it on the Web and of course Facebook and Twitter, and was surprised to find–by reading it and socializing with it’s many followers– that it’s a lifestyle THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!! I got it into my head to interview the two fabulous ladies behind the concept and they were kind enough to respond.

Check out their email interview, and please don’t forget to check out their Web site, Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, and sign up for their newsletter. And of course, GO BUY THE BOOK!

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