The Last Word: The Overrated, Outplayed College Scene

Morning Chicsters!!

I can’t believe it’s only ONE MONTH away! Or actually, for me, less than a month! I only have two weeks left of school…forever! It’s an unbelievably freeing sensation.

The projects, tests and final papers, however, are not freeing at all! I have to say, I’ve never done so much end of semester work– it’s frustrating because on one hand you need to focus on your major classes and yet those minor/easy classes seem to be giving so much more “important” work. How are you handling the work load?

I think I’m most excited for summer–I can feel it now; weekends at the beach and weekdays doing…whatever it is college graduates do. How’s the job search going? This year seems like it’s going to be a bit harder to find jobs and paid internships, but I think you all are brilliant and can do whatever you set your minds to! BE POSITIVE! You can do it!

On another note– what’s the deal with college students and pot. Pot, marijuana, cannabis, whatever you want to call it, is slowly taking over our campuses. Okay maybe not every single campus, but at least mine. Many of my classmates smoke on a regular basis. The article in Marie Claire a few months back– Stiletto Stoners— really made it resonate: How can people function on a daily basis while under the influence of an illegal drug?

Why write about this today? Well, if you can read between the “bings” on Text From Last Night (and if you live in a college environment, or at least with Gen Y-ers) you know today is 4/20. According to Urban Dictionary, 420 (pronounced four-twenty) reportedly stood for the “police code” for cannabis. However, according to this article, it’s not true. It is the “official” time to smoke in the subculture that is taking over our youth. Today happens to be that day, and many people (from status updates, tweets and TFLNs) appear to be “fulfilling” their dreams, duty or perhaps destiny.

According to this Boston Globe article, cannabis in the form of hemp, is a sustainable resource and as such many pro-cannabis Americans are trying to illustrate that fact today, the anniversary of the unifying urban legend of cannabis traditions in America.

Binge drinking, drug use, and a culture of “hooking up” is plaguing our campuses and harming our youth. As a member of said youth, I think it’s a shame– stand up and stand out women of the world- you DON’T have to participate in it and you most certainly don’t have to be around it. Having lived on a college campus long enough, I can tell you what pot smells like and what it does to people: it ruins them, it stinks and it makes me want to vomit.

What do you think? This is my last word (or perhaps one of many last words today) on the subject, but I want to hear yours. Remember to have your opinion heard whether it’s the last word or not.

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