The Last Word: Restart Your Resolutions

This week I’m swamped with work– literally stuck under a sea of papers, assignments and reading. And oh, yea on top of all that I need to start applying for jobs in a “dying” industry– SOUNDS LIKE A BLAST DOESN’T IT?? Well, actually I’m having a positive outlook today, because I am restarting my year right here right now– at 7:44 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3, 2010.


Well that felt good. I have new ideas and I am going to share them with you to help you restart your own life this month and hopefully keep your resolutions or change them out for some better ones to keep you going all year long.

I had so many resolutions and ambitious theories for 2010, and honestly I’ve been keeping on top of some of them. I’m saving money by cooking, and I’m feeling better because I’m actually dragging my butt to the gym (as I said in last week’s column) but I am still letting guilt get the best of me in many situations AND I’m not always sticking to my guns on what I want to/need to do for me. So here’s my theory– this month I’m going to try to simply be me and do whatever it is I want to do and not worry one little bit. Shake it up this week in your lives and see if it helps. Valentine’s Day is coming around, and if you’re single (like I am) you might be feeling a little down in the dumps, so plan a great day! A friend of mine is planning on watching some crazy movies and having a wine and cheese night with girlfriends. I think it’s a great idea and plan on enjoying it to the fullest!! It’s a celebration of independence instead of a mourning period for your last relationship. Go out and enjoy it all! Life’s too short for you to mourn old relationships, make sure that you are doing what you want and being true to yourself this month, on Valentine’s Day and heck all this year!!

Today’s beauty tip is more of a fun tech tip (a lifestyle tip if you will) because I’m completely obsessed with the iPad and would love to hear what you all think. Will you be buying one? Let me know!!

Remember to have your opinion heard, whether it’s the last word or not!!

Have a great week ladies and remember to restart, recharge and be true to you!

xoxo V

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