The Last Word: SPRING BREAK!

Hello Chic College Women!!

How’s your week going? Well, I hope! It’s yet another new month is this decade and it’s another clean slate which I desperately need! I’m trying to avoid the pull of senioritis, but can’t seem to particularly since I’ve recently become obsessed with MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. I’ve always watched reality TV, but this show is just…so random that I can’t help but record each episode and watch it for days on end. On Friday, you know the “snowicane” as they were calling it, I got my DVR which is another great Tech tool. Once you have one, you’ll understand and you won’t be able to understand how you lived without it! I am so happy I’m paying the extra $5 a month for it and can’t believe I didn’t look into it sooner!! So, yea, that’s how I feel about TV and my new DVR.

TV has been helping me avoid my homework, because quite frankly no one in my position wants to do it anymore!! All of my friends, who are seniors too, are feeling the pull of Spring Break and the onset of SERIOUS senioritis. At the beginning of the semester it was a kind of given that we would feel it eventually, but I never realized how greatly I would feel it. I don’t want to do anything BUT WORK! I love my writing gigs and my office job and can’t see myself doing anything else. Which is a good thing, I guess, seeing as how I will have a very expensive degree permitting me to do just that in a few short weeks.

I’m also focused on my Spring Break– my University’s Spring Break is next week and I’m going to Jamaica!! It’s the first time I’ve gone somewhere tropical with friends for Spring Break. The last time I went “away” I was studying abroad in Italy and traveled all over the Italian coast with my family because my brother’s spring break fell at the same time. That was an amazing experience, but this time will be different I think.

Are you going away? If so, try to remember to 1) pack light 2) be careful and 3) be smart!! Don’t do anything away that you wouldn’t do at home and be sure to trust the people you are going with! Set rules beforehand for the safety of everyone!! It’s so important that you come back in one piece and with good memories, not bad ones.

Check back tomorrow for some Spring Break tips that I worked on (with a classmate) for an article for my JRN class– it’s all about going to Mexico and how to be safe this Spring Break. It should be pretty interesting and hopefully, helpful!

Well, it’s back to packing and DVR-ing for me, and perhaps a little homework while I’m at it! 😉

Have a great week and a great vacation! I’ll be back with more stories after my Jamaican getaway.

Remember to always have your opinion heard, whether it’s the last word or not.



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