Linkedin Launches Career Platform for Recent College Grads

Are you depressed by the state of the current job market and think you chances of snagging a gig after graduation are pretty much slim to none? Well, if has it's way, you could be rubbing shoulders with career recruiters and college alumni with the simple click of a mouse.

According to, the networking site for business professionals is amping up to launch a portal speciafially designed for college grads. Career Explorer will soon begin beta testing at 60 colleges and universities across the country. According to the company, college students will have the opportunity to plot out their career path before graduation, learn more about their desired field, get recommendations as to which companies and individuals to follow, plus find job openings and make connections.

Basically, this sounds like Linkedin Jr. to us (meaning it's got all the same bells and whistles as the original, but a larger focus on STARTING your career, vs. making inroads for the one you already have). Definitely a great idea if you're eager to jumpstart your search now, plus we've found the networking career groups we've joined on there to be specifically helpful in regard to industry news and job openings/internships not previously posted.


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