Want to get financially fit? Learn how with (LYD) Star: Ashley Jordan

Ashley Jordan, Saving Money in your Twenties

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Saving for trip? Trying to pay off your credit card? No fear. This week ambassador Susan Fiorentino interviewed Ashley Jordan, founder of,  Saving Money in Your Twenties to learn how to get financially fit.

As a recent graduate working in the non-profit world, I am always looking for creative and new ways to save money. Even though it can be intimidating to take a hard look at your finances, it is the best way to move forward in paying off debt or working towards building your savings.

In an attempt to save money, I utilize social media sites as much as possible to get tips on savings ideas that work best with my goals. Pinterest is one of my favorites and I came across Ashley Jordan’s Saving Money in Your Twenties in one of my searches. The name of the website fit perfectly with what I am trying to accomplish so I immediately signed up for her newsletter. Ashley is a force to be reckoned with and she can help all of us be better with money.

Here are just a few of her tips that will you hooked on finances:

Ashley Jordan, Saving Money in your Twenties

Ashley Jordan, Saving Money in your Twenties

1. What or who inspired you to start your blog Saving Money in Your Twenties?  

This story actually goes all the way back to my junior year of college… I set a goal for myself that after I graduated, I would have saved enough money to move into an apartment of my own—not back into my parents’ house. I managed to achieve that goal, and I was so excited. I couldn’t believe that I had been able to manage my money well enough to afford my own apartment! (okay, technically it was a shared apartment with three other girls… but still!)


After that success, I was hooked on finances and the power that saving money gave me. I loved tracking my expenses and watching my savings account grow. I had found some financial blogs that I loved reading, and decided to start my own so that I could share my money saving tips and help others.


2. How do you motivate yourself to be able to fund your dreams and make them a reality?

I think daydreaming about my goals helps keep me motivated. When I decided that I wanted to quit my day job and start my own business, I would spend my entire lunch break at work envisioning how life would be once I saved up enough money to quit my job. After daydreaming about that for so long, it was easy to motivate myself to cut my spending, because I really wanted to make my dream a reality!


Also, I like setting smaller milestones for big goals and rewarding myself along the way. For example, if you’re trying to save up a lot of money, maybe promise yourself a reward for every $500 or $1,000 you save. But make sure it’s a cheap or free reward, so you don’t derail your good financial habits!


3. How do you successfully promote your brand while keeping on a budget?

I try to prioritize my spending so that I use my money on the things that matter most to me. For example, I care most about blogging, so I invested in a good computer to make blogging easier and more enjoyable. My next purchase will probably be a nicer video camera so I can make higher quality videos to promote my brand.

For things that I don’t prioritize, I try to DIY or do it for cheaper. For example, I don’t care much about business cards, so I used an online template and created them myself instead of getting a graphic designer to design them for me, which would have been pricey.


4. What is one tip you have for young women who may find finances overwhelming?

My biggest tip is to just start tracking your money—write down everything you spend money on and every bit of income you bring in. Be careful – you just might get addicted to tracking your money… once I started doing it 6 years ago, I couldn’t stop!


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