Live Your Dreams Star Kristen Plati

This interview is a part of our Live Your Dreams Stars series where we feature awesome young women who are changing the world one amazing dream at a time. LYD!

Kristen Plati is a singer, actress and model following her dreams in New York City. 

Kristen Plati

Q: How do you manage modeling, singing, acting, and working in real estate? That’s quite a lot!

I am always thinking, always organizing, always scheduling – I love to be on top of everything, and I’ve always worked better when I have a lot to do. If I’m busy, I motivate myself to get more done. When I’m moving, its a lot easier to get everything done, than when I only have one or two things to do. And I’m really lucky because so far everything has gelled well together, my job in real estate is flexible around my singing, acting and modeling auditions and work. So far, its all working really nicely together.

Q: What’s it like to pursue a career in the entertainment industry in NYC?

It is a lot of work – this is a city where everyone comes to pursue their dreams, it’s the best of the best here, and you need to stand out. Moving from Perth, Australia to NYC was a huge culture shock, and a huge change in the audition process. There is a lot more work here, but a lot more people trying to work too. But, I definitely think it’s worth it. This city is immersed in culture and the arts, everywhere you go there is something to see, someone to hear – it’s incredible. It makes the struggle absolutely worth it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Q: Do you ever feel like giving up? What pushes you forward even during times of failure?

I often find myself having days where I ask if it’s worth it. I ask if I should continue chasing a dream, or whether I should just give up and get a job that pays well and gives me financial and emotional security. That sounds odd, but what I mean to say is – in this industry, you live day to day. You can’t plan for the future, because you never know what work is coming up for you. You never know where the next audition could take you, and that’s both exciting and scary. People know what they will be doing, and where they will be in the months ahead – even weeks ahead. But with me, it’s very much day to day. Anything can happen. So, yes, I definitely have days where I just want to give up and move home, and get a stable job. But I have wanted this my whole life, and I moved so far away from home, and I fight to stay here every day because it’s where I want to be and its what I want to be doing. Usually I find myself calling my family and they know exactly what to say to remind me that I am here for my dream, and I’m not going home until I fulfill it.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I think part of the excitement of this career is that I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years. But I know that I would love to have both Broadway and Film/TV credits under my belt, and hopefully some songs too. My trouble is that I have such an interest in singing, acting and modeling, that I would love to be doing them all. That’s my ideal situation, to be able to do them all – and to survive off them (to make enough money to pay my rent on that alone).

Q: Do you ever feel an overwhelming pressure to look a certain way, due to the nature of the entertainment industry?

This industry is so much about your looks. We always talk about what people wear on the red carpet and how they look at certain events, it’s become part of the nature of the industry, and there is a lot of pressure there to fit into the mold of beauty. I am not even slightly a size 0, I’m not even a size 6 or 8, but I have been becoming more comfortable being myself – whatever size that is. There are so many people out there redefining the “look” in the industry, because lets be honest – the average woman isn’t a size 0. But, at the same time I have days where I just feel so disgusting. The pressure is always going to be there. Someone is always going to say “You’re not pretty enough”, “you’re too fat for the role”, “you’re too skinny”, you’re never going to be what everyone is looking for, or necessarily finds attractive.

Q: Do you have anything you’d like to tell girls who are trying to find themselves?

Don’t think that by copying others, and trying to fit in, you will find yourself. I spent so long worrying about what people thought of me and making sure I didn’t offend anyone. There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you, or doesn’t agree with you – someone you don’t completely get along with, but that’s life. Don’t try and be somebody you’re not, because it just confuses you and it stops you from being truly happy. I learned that the hard way. It’s only now that I’m truly beginning to be comfortable in my own skin. It’s only now that I am beginning to see my own self-worth. Just love yourself and accept yourself.

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