LOL of the Day: Jessica's New Movie to Go Straight to DVD

Oh Jess. Poor you. Blonde Ambition, Jessica Simpson’s latest movie, is set to go straight to DVD without hitting theaters, according to several online sources.

The movie, starring Luke Wilson in addition to the pop singer, isn’t even getting a chance in theaters. Why is that? Maybe the romantic comedy plot of small town girl who struggles to make it big in the city is too overplayed. Perhaps the D-List cast, including Rachael Leigh Cook, Andy Dick, and other nameless actors, just wasn’t the production company’s cup of tea.

Straight to DVD releases recall movies such as Mary Kate and Ashley adventure spinoffs, Disney Channel shows, and low budget sequels of popular films that already had their heyday. Clearly whoever owns the rights to Blonde Ambition thinks that it would be more lucrative to avoid a box office bomb, which doesn’t say much for Jessica’s acting. But Luke? He’s a decent actor. Granted, he seems to be cast into romantic comedies instead of more serious acting, but he’s been in his fair share of box office hits.

I can understand Jess choosing to pick up this movie, but Luke, you can do better.

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