London On My Mind

I’m sure that you’re sick and tired of hearing about my experiences at Banana Republic, but let me assure you, _I_ am sick of _having_ experiences at Banana Republic… _which is why you should all make sure to have several job offers in your email inbox by the time you graduate college_. Anyway, I actually meet people from all over the world, since the mall that I work at is in a capital city. The other day I met someone from London, this is how it went:

_”We’re from London.”_
_”Oh, really? I lived there last year.”_
_”Oh, really? Where?”_
_”Oh, on Palace Court off of Bayswater by Queensway.”_
_”Oh, we live in Putnam.”_
_”Hey, that’s where I went to see the boat races…”_

*People always ask me if I miss it there* _(London)_. I tell them yes, which is the truth…now. But I distinctly remember that after five months I wanted to come back to America. I wanted good-tasting pizza, affordable pizza, and stores like Walmart, that have everything I need in one place and are open past 8 pm, instead of having to go to Boots for makeup, Ryman’s for school supplies and WHSmith for a magazine. But now that I’m back, I do miss London…I miss Top Shop. I miss the Pancake Cafe on Little Russel Street. And I miss the crazies at Speaker’s Corner. So it was with bittersweet longing that I read Jamie’s new article, “The Ultimate Guide to London”:// *If you’ve been to London, read it with fond memories*. If you haven’t, go pour yourself a cup of tea and pretend that you’re sitting across from Jamie by Tower Bridge.

*Oh, and Jamie, here is some advice about the pashminas*. Go to Queensway where they sell them for cheap in every color of the rainbow and even though you are probably sick of them right now, and they are so wrinkled because you never have time to iron it, and there are bits of croissant and jelly stuck to the tassels, buy a lot of them for your friends and family. I wish I had them right now for Christmas gifts.

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