Long-Distance Relationships: Do or Don’t?

You’ve waited all summer and it’s finally time to head off to your college of choice. After packing your clothes, buying your dorm room decorations, and planning your schedule, you’re ready to roll. But there’s still one last thing to take care of – what to do with your boyfriend?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to a long-distance relationship. While your roommate may be able to keep up with her cross-country steady, it might not be right for you.

Not sure where you fall when it comes to long-distance love? Here are few different reasons why you should or shouldn’t say yes to a road trip romance.

Reason Not to Keep it Going #1: He’s Still in High School

College is worlds away from living with your parents and spending your afternoons in gym or study hall. The college lifestyle is your first major step towards adulthood. From late night study groups, to hanging out on the quad, your boyfriend might not understand why you don’t have as much time for him anymore.

Reason Not to Keep it Going #2: It‘s Too Expensive

If you didn’t already know, college is expensive. And because you’re not living under your parents’ roof anymore, you have to make sure to budget to feed yourself and buy all of your necessities. To keep your relationship going, you will also need to budget in gas money for visiting him and may even go over on your cell phone bill. These extra charges may just break down your bank account if you’re not good at budgeting.

Reason Not to Keep it Going #3: -You‘ll Never Get These Years Back.

The next four years will be some of the best in your life. College is all about discovery and finding yourself in between finals, frat parties, and all-night cramming sessions. I’ve known many girls who have been in serious long-distance relationships and have regretted it because they felt held back because they were too busy trying to keep their boyfriends happy.

Reason to Keep it Going #1: You’re Confident in Your Relationship

Long-distance relationships are hard, but it can work if you both love and trust each other. That means never being jealous or suspicious. If you constantly wonder whether or not he’s cheating, or wondering why he didn’t call or text you back when he said he would, then this kind of relationship isn’t for you.

Reason to Keep it Going #2: The Distance is Doable

Two hours may seem like an eternity when you currently live ten minutes away from your boyfriend, but this distance is not as bad as it seems. Weekend trips are always an option, as are “meet-in-the-middle” date nights. Though a ten hour travel time isn’t necessarily the kiss of death for your relationship, it certainly makes everything harder.

Reason to Keep it Going #3: He’s Older Than You

If your boyfriend is already in college, he has a pretty good idea of how the college lifestyle works. He won’t be as needy or demanding of your time as a boyfriend still in high school would because he understands you need time to grow. Plus, since your boyfriend goes to another school, you can have fun making road trips to each other’s football games or other sporting events and introducing each other to your new college friends. You’ll both be growing and morphing at the same time, so it won’t be as hard to adjust to one another changing.

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