Look For It: I’d Like Some Safari Clothes Please

So, as mentioned in the first blog, our Executive Editor, Stacy Hinojosa is a new hire at Banana Republic and so, recently endured a rigourous training session on the history of The GAP and the danger of wire hangers.

Part of the training included a brief (2 hours on the clock) history of the company. And she actually learned a few things. Like GAP orignially sold Levi jeans and records. And the company didn’t create Banana Republic, it was a travel and safari clothing store that they aquired. Another lesser-known fact is that GAP Inc. has recently launched a new brand, Forth & Towne, an upscale clothing retailer for women 35+. Right now there are only 5 stores; four in the Chicago area and one in New York. But even though they cater to a slightly older demographic, we think they’ll still sell timeless handbags and shoes. Look for it!

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