LYD Star: Beautiful Bodies Lead Singer Alicia Solombrino

Kansas City Concert. Photo credit: Samantha Levi Photographer

Each week we will introduce you to our (LYD) Live Your Dream Stars. These awesome women are changing the world through their dreams. Through their stories, we hope to inspire you to live your dreams.

This week we interviewed Alicia Solombrino the lead singer of Beautiful Bodies. The Beautiful Bodies have played with an array of artists ranging from Jane’s Addiction to Paramore to TV on the Radio. In 2014, they were named one of the Best Bands from SXSW. They are super talented socially conscious crew. And Alicia’s authenticity is an inspiration to us all.


Did you always know you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?

It’s the earliest memory that I can actually remember. I was in Kindergarten and saw Madonna performing Vogue on TV. I remember saying “I’m going to do that.” I was five. My mother knew before I could remember that memory. She wrote journals about me from birth until I was about six or seven. When I was four she wrote, “I guess I have a singer in the family.” It was really cool to read those journals.

From the outside looking in, the music industry seems really competitive. How did you stay positive and keep moving forward?

Sure the industry can be competitive, but I chose not to focus on what other people are doing. Sometimes I feel when people compete they lose the love of why they started  in the first place. They get lost in the shuffle. I realize competition drives certain people and that’s great if it makes them happy. Staying strong and positive is all about perspective. To me, the best way reach my goals is to know what I want and to focus. Don’t worry about what other people are doing and do not conform!

Rocking out at the Midland. Photo credit: Samantha Levi Photographer

Kansas City Concert. Photo credit: Samantha Levi Photographer

What was the biggest intital struggle for Beautiful Bodies?

Finding band members. We found Thomas, but he was all the way in Bolivia. We had to send songs from Bolivia to Missouri for months until he moved home.

If you had any advice for young women trying to live their dream, what would it be?

I cannot stress enough to know exactly what you want. I mean 360 know. Dissect it. There will always be people who want to chime in. Always listen, but stay true to your vision and yourself. It will not only give you confidence, but a happiness that never leaves you.


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