What is #LYD all about?

Hello Chicsters!

If you have been following UChic over the last year, you’ve probably noticed we’ve undergone some changes…some small and some incredibly BIG in terms of our on-going commitment to helping young women in the U.S. live their dreams.

From our earlier roots as a website dedicated to covering the topics that college women need to know about while providing them an opportunity to get published to our best-selling college guidebook series, we are evolving quickly into a brand and company that comprehensively supports young women in the high school and college life stage in impactful, innovative and exciting ways.


So what is this live your dreams thing (which I’m sure you’ve seen referenced as #LYD) all about? It’s our company’s commitment to helping young women LIVE THEIR DREAMS, no matter what age. In fact, we believe that the sooner you start working towards your dreams – even if you aren’t 100% sure what they are – the closer you’ll be to actually knowing what they are and then living them.

To help you get start on the path towards living your dreams, we launched a new content series called “Live Your Dreams Stars” or “LYD Stars” where we are featuring the stories of amazing young women in a variety of fields who are living their dreams in inspiring ways. From a storm chaser to two young female entrepreneurs who’ve opened a kick-boxing gym, we take you behind the scenes of their success to uncover the steps (and occasional set-backs) they had to face in getting to where they are today.


In addition to this fresh new content – and what excites me the most – is the launch of our 1,000 Dreams Fund, a scholarship fund, funded by our soon to launch merchandise line, that provides up to $1,000 in funding to helping you actually go out there and do it! From our conversations with our girls over the years, we know that funding is a critical issue (95% of young women lack easy access to funding), and we are working hard to address it through our company’s unique business model – empowering our consumers through scholarships that is supported by our product sales.

So that the UChic dream in a nutshell – to help young women in the U.S. live their dreams in awe-inspiring ways. I’ll be in touch with you each week this year on the progress we are continuing to make against this goal.

For now – best wishes for a great end to your week.

Inspired by what we are doing? Share your comments and the dreams your are working towards below. Also consider applying to our brand ambassador program to be a part of our 1,000 Dreams movement!



From the desk of Christie Garton, Founder of UChic


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Head on over to 1,000 Dreams Fund to learn how to get funding for your dreams!