Maintain Your Motivation for Second Semester

Study hard

The second-half of the school year is approaching quickly for most Chicsters, whether you are in high school or college! It can be hard to get motivated right away, but with these steps, you’ll already be set up for success.

Make a goal: It’s hard to be motivated if you have no idea where you are going. Your goal may change throughout the year, and that’s okay, but you need a jumping off point. What do you want to accomplish this semester? Do you want to make all A’s? Be a better athlete? Setting yourself up for success starts is all about creating goals.

Reward yourself: Nothing says motivation like a new purse or concert tickets if you achieve what you set out to accomplish. Remember, however, to make sure the reward is within your budget–or make sure you are saving up for your reward throughout the year/semester.

Realize that progress, no matter how small, is progress:  Much of the time we get discouraged because change isn’t happening quickly enough. Try to focus on small milestones, especially in the beginning, instead of your end game. If you keep yourself motivated through the tough times by recognizing small, positive steps, it will definitely help you succeed!

Follow your own goals and instead of the accomplishments of friends and classmates: It’s easy to compare yourself with other people and have your motivation suffer because of it. Comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy, especially because you never know how long or how hard someone worked to be where they are. Keep your eyes on your prize and you’ll be the real winner.

I hope these tips helped you to get motivated this year! Share how you plan to stay motivated with me on Twitter @AmandaJPCross

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