Make the Most Out of Free Time: Quick Organizational Tips

The one thing that anyone, especially undergraduates, wish they had more of, is time. With packed schedules, every student wishes they had even an extra hour just to catch up with themselves. Unfortunately, I can’t provide tips on how to actually get that extra hour, but with my Certified Professional Organizing license and my four years as an undergraduate, I can let you in on some tips that made my day to day tasks more manageable.

Organize your closet efficiently: your closet at school will be half the size (if you’re lucky) of your closet at home.  If you’re not the type of person to lay out your clothes the night before, try to organize your clothes by color, weather, or even when you would be wearing the clothes. This is especially useful if you tend to hit the snooze button (that extra ten minutes of sleep before an 8:30 am Economics class makes a difference, right?) and are trying to get out the door quick. The same can be true for any beauty products you use in the morning.

Pull out that day planner and actually use it: if you have your assignment due dates, social events, practices, etc.  all planned out, you’re less likely to miss that deadline or an event. I like to use May Designs for organizing my different to do list and the best part is you are able to customize the design and even monogram it. There a few also great apps out there, such as Evernote, that can help you keep on top of your work. Utilizing the planner or app will help ensure that you don’t double book yourself for something and can plan out your day accordingly.

Keep a list of your semester (or even longer) goals within sight: I kept a list of goals broken down by semester right on my desk to keep me motivated while I was working. If I found myself stressed at 2am working on an assignment and freaking out that it won’t get done, re reading that list would help me re focus about why I chose Manhattan College in the first place. It helped me regroup and get through my (several) all nighters.

As you go through your undergraduate years, you’ll find things that work for you. You might find them through roommates, classmates, or if you’re like me, after looking on Pinterest. If you find a tip that works for you, always be sure to share it with one of your friends because we can all use that extra few minutes to get ready (or sleep in) in the morning.

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