Make Your Voice Heard! Vote!

It's that time again.

Americans nationwide are running to the polls to cast their votes, with many issues on their minds. The war in Iraq, our nation's economy, immigration, terrorism, and the ever important moral dilemmas we are to face in the coming years, such as same sex marriage, stem cell research, and of course, abortion.

Naturally, these are topics that concern us. They are the subject of heated debates within and outside the college classroom. However, your right to debate these topics is on the line.

What say do you have, what right do you have to complain, if you don't go out and vote? You can make a difference, however small it may seem. Exercise your right as an American to have a voice in our political system today.

I'd say tell us what you think, but your vote is private. Now stop reading this and go cast your vote!  

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