Making Your Relationship Last–By Spending Less Time Together

I'm sure with the beginning of the semester arriving we're all ready to jump back into our Fall ‘07 hook-ups or maybe even start some new ones! If you're like me then you need to be a little careful when it comes to spending time with your sweetie, because even though quality time can make you closer it can also, sadly, make you become distant.

Last semester I dated a guy who was extremely nice and absolute eye candy, and we hung out all the time. After about three weeks of seeing him constantly we both began to grow tired of one another, so we came to the conclusion that maybe it would be best to give each other a break and pursue other people because it was obvious that we bored. Now that we have moved on we're still really good friends and I can also say that I learned a good lesson about dating.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way about space between you and your significant other:

1. Enjoy each others time when you can. You don't have to see them everyday to make a great connection.

2. Don't lose sight of other engagements!
If things go downhill with you and your "boo" you will find it really hard to jump back into your normal routine, so having that balance is really important.

3. Don't rush to know EVERYTHING about them. If you gradually learn about your significant you will find it really hard to get bored which is good!

4. Lastly and most importantly, have fun.
Remember that you’re in college and your studies are far more important than boys, even if they are really cute! College is a great place for finding who you are and what you like, so if you limit yourself to one person you’re limiting a great chance self growth.

So ladies enjoy your sweetie but remember there's no rush! Take your time and give yourself some space so that you won't get bored with a guy who may actually be really nice.

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