Maria, 17 – FUNDED

Maria - 1000 Dreams

Maria - 1000 Dreams

My dream is to work at Pixar.

How the 1000 Dreams Fund helped me:

I will be using the grant to buy a computer to use in college next year to study graphic design.

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My Story:

What excites me about animation and photography is that through an image I can convey an idea or capture a moment. And that moment can be remembered forever. I also enjoy that I can create a piece of art that can entertain people.

My Inspiration:

My grandfather always had camera with him. After he passed away, I took my first photo. Since then, I have never stopped taking photos. During high school I also became interested in animation and computer graphics. I really knew that I wanted to be an animator after seeing how it could be used to help people like in the movie Girls Rising.

Challenges I Face:

Animation is a specific area of digital media. It is complicated and requires time. Most of the colleges and programs that teach animation are private. Since my dream is also computer related it requires programs and technology that can be costly. Photography also requires technology that can be costly.


My quote of inspiration for others:

If I could change one thing in the world, I would change how women are treated all over the world. I would give girls the chance for education in all countries.

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