The $martest Ways to Splurge

Smartest Ways to Splurge

By: Amanda Ferrara, New York University

Everyone gets the urge to splurge, especially when the end of a semester of hard work is right around the corner. Whether it is a few new outfits, a day at the spa, or a fancy dinner, a little pampering is sometimes exactly what you need. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to spoil yourself in the smartest way possible!

  1. Plan ahead. If you treat yourself too often, it becomes less special and more of a routine. Plan to splurge on certain occasions (like when you finish all of your exams or if you land a great job offer). By doing so, you have motivation to reach your goals and then your treat will be doubly sweet!

  2. Have a budget. Setting off on a day of spending with no set budget can cause you to squander a lot more money than you had originally planned. If you are using cash, head to the ATM beforehand and only withdraw the amount that you intend to spend. If you are using a credit card, it might be helpful to carry a small note pad or use your phone to keep track of the cost of your purchases so you know when you reach your limit.

  3. Keep a wish list. Chances are, you are constantly thinking of ways to indulge. When the time comes, however, you probably forget about a lot of items that you want. Whether it’s to buy a designer purse, to try a new restaurant in town, or to get a stylish new haircut, a wish list will remind you of the things you have been wanting for a while. More importantly, an ongoing list means you can edit as the time passes- you might find that some things you absolutely had to have last month are not that great anymore.

Are you in the mood to treat yourself yet? If so, remember there is nothing more dangerous than a girl with some extra money who is ready to splurge. Be sure to plan ahead, stay on budget, and only buy what you really want; this way you’ll be guaranteed to have fun spending (and keep your wallet happy)!

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