Matters of the Heart Monday: Make Ups to Break Ups

Unless you've got an icebox where your heart used to be(like Omarion), breaking up is never easy. If you were in a long term relationship, it's even more complicated because you've got the seperation of the "stuff" and the mutual friends and…well it's a mess. Not to mention the urge to smash the radio with a sledgehammer everytime you and your ex-love's song is playing. Fortunately, you can endure this cycle without totally losing your mind.You will need an outlet. Try your best to surround yourself with positive people and things. Map out your future goals, and immerse yourself in work and academics. And if you're a little bitter, there's no better revenge than rising up and becoming successful. Though this is all easier said than done, remember that everything happens for a reason. And if you aren't buying the philosophical spiel, check out this article for some solid tips: Surviving the Break Up Blues.

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