A Mentor Can Make the Difference

*If you’re in college and don’t have a mentor…get one!* That’s honestly my best advice. A mentor is someone (hopefully with experience in the field you’re going into) that you can talk to about the challenges you’re facing. They will be the first people to stick up for you in sticky situations, the best people to write letters of recommendation for you for all those internship/job applications and, if you develop that relationship with them, they are people you can still get advice from long after you leave your college campus.

*I suggest adopting your favorite teacher as your mentor.* Find someone who gives you constructive criticism and is honest and available. *For more information on mentors and how to find one, check out Jamie’s article*, “Make the Connection: Finding a Career Mentor with the Help of your University”://www.universitychic.com/taxonomy/term/125

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