Tech Support: Microsoft Dorm Help

Microsoft’s Digital Dorm Room shows you all the options Microsoft presents for your college essentials. You know, the laptop, mp3 player, camera and of course sound system. Clicking on the flag entitled “Tips and Tricks” allows you to download a PDF version of updates, ways to combat homesickness, and ways to excel in class this year.

Although I am a Mac user, I found this web site particularly useful for students in the early years of their college career. Juniors and seniors may find this site comical, however, they generally know almost everything there is to know about College Life. The most interesting tools in this digital dorm room, is the integration of all tools. For example, you can play your music from your Windows 7 Media Player on your Xbox—wirelessly. This is great, because as many of you know, dorm rooms are definitely short on space and thus less wires generally means a safer room.

Additionally, Windows 7 now offers an option, via Windows Media, to turn your laptop into a DVR. This is great as many colleges don’t offer premium channels, or even cable TV at all. Staying in touch in college is key as well, and Windows—and Mac and Skype for that matter—offers Windows Live Talk, which allows you to see people via a Web cam. In my opinion, the Web cam offered by Microsoft is great, however, if you aren’t incredibly tech savvy it might be better to purchase a laptop with a camera already installed. Microsoft and Apple both offer this option.

All in all, Microsoft’s dorm room is definitely the dorm room of the future. Wireless “boom boxes,” virtual folders and text message wake up calls are the way of the world now, so why should the college world be any different.


By Victoria Reitano

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