Mid-Month Inspiration: Looking Forward to Spring

Live Your Dreams


For a month that revolves around the topic of love, February can be a tough twenty-eight days to soldier through for many. Not only does winter seem longer than the summer does— especially at this point in the season— it feels like spring is still an eternity away. While it may sound great to get caught up in hibernation mode to hide away for the last few weeks of the season, it essential to practice ‘Winter Wellness’ in order to keep your sanity and stay on top of your game.

This month, UChic has dedicated our content to inspiring you to continue to confidently face the challenges in your life so you can achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself in 2014. We kicked off with our New Year, New U campaign, setting the stage to start the year off right with awesome prizes from our favorite brands, and now, we are sharing insight on UChic.com that will help you catapult to the next level and keep you on the right track.

What are we most excited about? Our bloggers highlighting the women that inspire us in our brand-new, monthly, LYD Stars series; read our first LYD Stars interview below! We know it’s tough to juggle everything in your busy life—  but even when things seem slow to come together— it’s possible to make steps towards achieving your best life every single day. We’re here to help navigate you in that direction. Now go – live your dreams this year!

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