Modest Mouse – New EP comes out Tuesday

Modest Mouse, Seattle’s indie rock band will be releasing a new eight-song EP this coming Tuesday. The EP, titled “No One’s First, and You’re Next” will come out on August 4th 2009 and will be the band’s first new music release since 2007’s “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.” For true indie fans, the vinyl version of the new EP will be available for record playing starting August 18th.

The eight songs include a series of unreleased tracks from the recording sessions of previous albums such as “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” and “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.”

Six of those tracks were previously released as limited edition singles, including the spine-chilling “Satellite Skin,” which appears on the band’s Youtube site and has been around since May.

In addition, “Autumn Beds” and “King Rat” are also on the EP. The group’s Youtube site will soon include the “King Rat” animated music video as well, which was directed by Heath Ledger before his death last January.

The animation itself is by Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam, who has written and directed many films including “Brazil.” Incidentally, Gilliam is a favorite of J.K. Rowling and was her first choice as director for Harry Potter back in 2000. While the release date of the video is still unknown, as the EP comes out on Tuesday, it will surely welcomed by eager fans.

In addition to their new EP and video releases, these northwestern rockers will be adding new dates to their tour, which is slated to squeak off on August 17th in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The tour will hit everywhere from Halifax to Columbus, Ohio to Salt Lake city and the recent add-ons include a couple new dates in Portland, Oregon, following their appearance at the city’s NorthWest Music Festival in late September.

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