Money Saving Tips: 5 Fun Free Activities


There are few things college kids like better than free events. With books purchased for this semester, Starbucks budgeted for late nights at the library and fall formals coming up, there isn’t a lot of spare change being thrown around. Every college student needs money saving tips. These free activities on campus—colleges present multiple free opportunities to help students save money!

1.  Sporting events – This might seem obvious, but so few students take advantage of sports that aren’t as advertised as football and basketball (aka the sports you have to pay for.) Often times there are giveaways (like t-shirts and food) at soccer games, hockey games, tennis matches and volleyball games. These are some of the most exciting teams on campus to watch—grab a group of friends, put on some spirit wear and be ready to swipe your ID!

2.  Speakers – It might sound lame, but campuses always have important, interesting, successful people around that students can hear (and sometimes even meet) for free. My friends and I got dressed up, went to the dining hall and then heard someone from CNN speak last year—and it was awesome. It was definitely the most exciting Tuesday night I had all semester, and I didn’t spend a dime.

3.  Spa night – Get the girls on your floor together, put in a chick flick, and gather everyone’s nail polishes and face creams for an ultimate girls night. You’ll get a new nail color that you don’t have to purchase, can make some stronger friendships and cleanse your pores all at the same time. It’s like the movie “Sleepover,” but college edition!

4. Movie night – Campuses have theaters in their student unions for a reason! Universities can get movies that haven’t been released on DVD early and air them free of cost to students, usually with free popcorn and drinks. Why spend $11 on a ticket when you can just walk over and check out what Katniss and Peeta are up to for free?

5.  Night at the Museum – Almost every university has an art gallery or anthropology museum that students can explore with their IDs. Why not have your own museum adventure? It’ll impress your parents that you went and open your eyes to some of the cool research, and projects.

Don’t throw away your school paper without looking at the events column—there is so much stuff happening, and because it’s catered specifically for students it’s almost always going to be free and include a free snack. These events always end up being a lot of fun and who knows, you might make some new friends or meet a nice guy wherever you end up!

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