New Morehouse College Dress Code Causes Controversy on Campus

Of all the things colleges should be worrying about right now (budgets, declining admissions, safety, cutting classes and laying off professors to name a few), Morehouse College, the private school for young black men in Atlanta, Georgia, is up in a tizzy about what students are wearing on campus.

According to recent CNN article, the school’s decision to implement a dress code has not only raised concerns within the LGBT community, but also among students who question the administration’s reasoning behind trying to strongarm personal style choices for underclassmen.  The “Appropriate Attire Policy” has effectively banned wearing hats into buildings, pjs in public, sunglasses in class, baggy pants, do-rags, and being barefoot on campus. And while those are controversial in their own right (considering several communities nation-wide have tried similar bans in high schools and been accused of racial profiling), it’s the cross-dressing ban that has many gay and lesbian organizations concerned.

While school officials insist that this particular edict in the school dress code policy only impacts five students, and that officials met with gay groups on campus first to discuss their concerns before they passed the ruling, other students at the college feel that the policy is outdated and in no way impacts a person’s ability to succeed within Morehouse’s hallowed halls.

“I feel that there will be a lot of resentment and backlash,” insists one senior. “It infringes on the student’s freedom of expression. I matriculated successfully for three-and-half years dressing so how is this a problem?”

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