Most Haunted College Campuses Around the Country

You know that thing that goes bump in the night? It might not be your roommate coming back from twenty-five cent draft night at your local bar. Suprisingly, there's a lot of spooky goings-on at colleges and universities around the country. While the stories and legends vary, we've picked the three most hair-raising tales as examples of what you might want to avoid the next time you find yourself all alone in the stacks well past midnight…

University of Dayton/Theta Phi Alpha Sorority House — Hollywood types would go ga-ga over this spooky tale of a creepy male spirit that reportedly resides at this all-girl residence. Sorority sisters and guests alike have reported an unknown presence that seems to watch them and sap their energy. Here, it's not unusual to have your stuff go missing and show up in the weirdest of places OR for random cold spots to appear as you're walking through this historical home.

Illionois State University/The Library at Williams Hall – Things aren't exactly "normal" at this Normal, IL college town. Much like the opening scene from Ghostbusters, you really don't want to find yourself doing research all alone late at night in this library. Supposedly, the ghost of the school's first official librarian still resides there and (according to paranormal researchers and eye witnesses) has been known to make books fly off shelves, appear as a white mist, AND brush up against people while they're reading.

Ohio University/Room 428 at Wilson Hall – Ghosts and demons figure heavily into the this urban legend. While city records fail to show anything out of the ordinary, the story on campus has long-held that a girl died in this very room (which is now closed off) while fooling around with the occult. Students have reported seeing an unknown figure  lurking near this area and demonic faces sometimes popping up in the wood grain of the door itself.

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