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My Life On Mondays

Okay, remember how I said a couple weeks ago that you needed to clear some time up in your schedule to work on your job hunt and that I had taken a whole week off to send out my resume and follow up on leads…..that didn’t quite happen. No, I spent the whole time snacking on cheetos, painting my apartment and watching Days of Our Lives. _So there goes that theory._ And now I’m facing a whole week of middle-of-the-day shifts at Banana Republic, _(including one I will probably be late to in a few minutes)_, which threatens the prospect of a productive job hunt this week as well.

Is doing only what you have to something we learn in college? *Sometimes I think that mastering the art of procrastination and fake-outs was just as much of a general requirement as Biology 100*. I’ve become _so_ good at doing exactly _(and only)_ what’s expected and doing it fast that in a few minutes I will throw on some shirt and jacket, run out to my car and drive like mad, putting on mascara and concealer at stop lights. And that’s exactly what I did in school, I went to the lectures, but never to the professor’s office. We sit waiting for an opportunity to knock on our door….meanwhile, we have our iPod headphones turned up so loud we’ll never hear it. *When it comes to getting the job done, are we our biggest obstacle?*

*My Life On Mondays* is written by a college grad who exactly one year ago today, was stepping off a plane after spending five months in Europe. Now she’s pinning people’s pants and asking them if they’d like to open a Gap credit card.

Daily Fashion Blog: But Maybe They Will Stretch….

My boss Kate says that when you’re buying shoes, comfort is an objective, not a destination…meaning that if they ain’t comfy when you buy them, they’re never gonna be comfy. Which is bad news for me and my new shoes because _(after wearing them about 3 times)_ they are still just a little snug. *But they’re leather!?!?* Doesn’t that mean they are going to stretch?

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