MoveOn Petitions Against Facebook

A few weeks ago, I posted about Facebook invading its users’ privacy. Now they’ve taken it to another level. Your friends, along with other users on Facebook will be able to look at their News Feed and see that pair of leather boots you just bought 30 minutes ago from Nordstrom’s website.

That’s right, all of your online shopping purchases could potentially be posted on Facebook users’ News Feeds for all to see. Facebook is allowing corporate advertisers to access your information, and thus what sort of items you tend to purchase online, as ways to market toward our age group. has created a Facebook group called “Facebook, stop invading my privacy!” in hopes of preventing the privacy of users from being breached. The organization also has a petition available online.

Many users post enraged comments on MoveOn’s Facebook group, claiming that this breach of privacy has ruined surprise Christmas presents since, for example, their wife read on her News Feed that her husband had just bought an expensive ring, including the direct link to the product on the retailer’s website. Although a ruined Christmas present seems mildly trivial, the problem behind Facebook allowing marketers to access users’ information and the point is getting at is that this social network has violated our basic right to privacy.

Do you find this problematic? Should Facebook stop allowing advertisers from using our personal information?

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